About Us

Maritime Global Technologies Innovation Center (MGTIC) aims to connect and catalyze New York Metropolitan regional startups, early stage companies, and innovators from within and outside the global maritime industry ecosystem.


Shipping interests exist in an increasingly complex environment and are impacted by new problems every day, while entrepreneurs seek to remedy these problems.


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Maritime Global Technologies seeks to contribute to future developments in the maritime community through solution-based growth. Upcoming issues of artificial intelligence, regulatory compliance, autonomous vehicles, offshore renewables, safety, cybersecurity, and the implications of block chain-based advancements all offer varying challenges in implementation.

To help the maritime community pivot these and other challenges into profitable and sustainable operational practices, MGTIC leverages its resources in three key areas:

Building Networks

Develop avenues, access and the means for sharing new ideas, best practices, industry pain points, and financial startup resources through local and global partnerships.

Innovative Solutions

Incubate and grow entrepreneurial enterprises and innovative solutions in both the digital and physical spheres that address current and future problems for the maritime (sea, land, port) industry ecosystem.

Market and Work Adaptations

Focus on applied learning and workforce skills preparation emphasizing novel solutions in the maritime sector.